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Q - Is it better to buy most of our groceries in the US - before we get to Canada?

A - Most everything you need can be found in Canadian grocery stores -just at a slightly higher price. It is harder to find Jalepenos and real Mexican food.

Q -If we do buy food in the U.S., will we be harassed at the border?

A -Some food can be confiscated by Canadian customs -strange things like raw turkey,and possibly some of the other items grown locally.

Q -Nice site. I didn't know you were a computer fag. Why isn't the Texas flag bigger?

A -The Texas flag uploaded to the site was an original, handmade by veterans of the Alamo. Just because they made it so small doesn't mean Texas is any less of state.
I have received complaints for positioning it so close to the NY flag.
-And also have gotten a few death threats for having the Canadian flag partially blocking the American flag -symbolizing the continuing stranglehold Canada has on the US.

Q -Will there be Canadians there?

A -Not many. Most are following the receding iceflow northward during the summer months to continue trapping whales and harpooning penguins.

Q -If we are treated with indifference at a store or restaurant… should we suggest they find a job that makes them happy, or should we be pleased that we are blending in? Eh.

A -If anyone treats any Kinnebrew with anything but common courtesy & respect,
-we act as a unit and crush their spirit -old testament style!

Q -Will Canadian gas work in our cars?

A -Yes, although it's called gas it's really a liquid.

Q -Do we have to pay the goods and service tax if the service sucks?

A -Yes, but you can get a refund if you are returning to the US.


Q - I'm having trouble with your delusional response the size of the Texas flag. Having lived in San Antonio, and having personally interviewed many eye whiteness to the event, it is apparently clear that most of the veterans of the Alamo had a rather short life. And, therefore had little or no time to actually make a flag. Since you were born in a foreign country maybe you think you can get away with this - fabrication of events, however this is no excuse for proper tradition…the New York flag is always displayed as smaller and subservient to the Texas flag. GOT IT?

A -The veterans of the Alamo that sewed this particular flag were under the command of General Santa Anna. Their website www.veteranos-del-alamo.mex will verify the authenticity of my claims.

Q -Will we have to modify our fuel tank & gauge to accept the Canadian metric liquid gas?

A -No, most vehicles will operate just as they did before crossing the border.
Although many Canadian cars are fitted to accept gas (in Kilograms) from rolling tankers -in motion, old fashioned gas stations still exist.


-What kind of fish can we expect in the lakes and rivers up in that part of the country?

A -There are a few different trout caught in lakes and rivers. Stealhead, Rainbow trout, Cut-Throat, and Brown trout are the most common ones. There may also be salmon starting to head up some of the rivers. I have very little experience with freshwater fishing but could probably get a bit of gear together.

Q -Should we bring beer with our tackle, or is this more of a single-malt scotch type of fishing area?

A -Cuban cigars and scotch usually help any fishing expidition -especially when they're not biting. Some folks have had luck using beer. Speaking of which, BC has government operated liquor stores. Which is probably a good thing in Whistler. It's a more expensive town, but the prices in the stores are consistent throughout the province.


Q -I'm surprised golfing will be an activity. Can you please enlighten us as to which Kinnebrews golf? If none do, would it be fun for us to all have a match?

A -I haven't heard of any Kinnebrews that golf. It was listed as an available activity if anyone was interested.
It would be fun to try a round, but we may upset those who take the game seriously...

Q -I heard that a fair percentage of Canadians are humanitarians. Might be interested myself. Is there a season? What will a non-resident license cost? And how do you clean the darn things?

A -Unless you're trophy hunting, I don't recommend it. Lately there have been a few communicable deseases found in the meat.


Q -I'm concerned about all the whining coming from my fellow Texans. Can we dedicate a happy hour to "Feelin' good about Texas?" Or, alternatively, "Don't hold Bush against us?"

A -Sounds great & long over due!

Q -I'm worried about my upcoming to trip to this strange and foreign neighbour.
My worry stems from a keen desire to rightly represent my home country
and not be seen as boorish nor uncivilised. Can you kindly educate me on
the finer points of proper behaviour whilst visiting this fair Northern

A -Just don't hit anyone, unless you're playing hockey or golf.


C -That last question was a real heaver. And, your answer was truly gay. I think I need a shower……..

Q -Jackie seems all too cozy with this Jeff guy in whistler. What should we do? Do you think Blaine knows?

A -He knows now...


Q -For those of us driving across the border, do you have any words of advice for
dealing with the difficult and sometimes hostile Canadian border guards? I've
noticed that my previous attempts at humor weren't well received, and I'm not
sure if baked goods would help break the ice.

A -Border guards are like dogs -you should establish a dominant role right off the bat. You may want to break them down initially by suggesting their slackness led to terrorist attacks on America.
Then, let them know you can shoot more accurately with their sidearm than they do. When they refuse to let you prove it, just call them "chicken" and make clucking noises as you drive on through.


Q -What kind of temperatures can we expect during the day and night? My
wardrobe is extremely vast and I must know what to bring and exclude. Is
it bikini weather?

A -Definite bikini weather! The temperatures in BC have been brutally hot. The high today in Whistler was about 78 degrees fahrenheit. It feels more like the low 80's without a breeze.
The five day forecast predicts a high of 75.2 and a night time low around 37-46 degrees fahrenheit.