Here are directions from Vancouver Airport for those who are flying in to Vancouver:
From Vancouver Airport & Downtown
Leaving Vancouver International Airport, head north on Granville Street, over the Arthur Lang Bridge, and follow the signs for the Granville Street Bridge leading into downtown Vancouver. Take the Seymour Street exit on the far right hand-side off the bridge, continuing on until Georgia Street, where drivers for Whistler turn left. Travel out of downtown Vancouver on Georgia, through Stanley Park and over the Lions Gate bridge. Exit via the Marine Drive West turnoff, take a right onto Taylor Way, and then turn left onto Highway 1 West, heading north towards Horseshoe Bay. Exit right onto Hwy 99 to continue onto Whistler. Approximately a 2 hour drive.

Seattle to Whistler Driving Directions - - Distance: approx. 340 kilometres or 215 miles
Whistler is about a 4 to 5-hour drive from Seattle. The trip from Seattle to Vancouver takes about 3 hours. The Vancouver-Whistler drive takes about 2 hours, depending on road and traffic conditions.

Time saver at the border -
Entering the town of Blaine just before the Canadian border will be a sign for truckers that leads to the truck crossing. Follow that sign and cross the border with the trucks. It is much faster and leads to Canadian Highway 15 that goes straight north and intercepts TransCanada Highway 1. Turn west on One and stay on it until Horseshoe Bay where it becomes Highway 99. Continue on to Whistler.

When coming into Whistler, go past Village Gate Blvd to the next major intersection, which is Lorimer Road. Make a right onto Lorimer. Keep going until you have to go either right or left, this is Blackcomb Way (the 2nd one). Make a left onto Blackcomb Way. You'll pass construction, and at the next intersection (may not be a sign) is Spearhead Drive. Make a right. Continue up past the Aspens, then you'll see a sign for Greystone Lodge and Woodrun Lodge. Make that right. Go to the Woodrun and check in if before 7 pm. If after 7 pm, see check in instructions.



Please note:

Highway construction and delays may accur along the Whistler highway (99) due to upgrades for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

For the latest
information, phone
or this website is a great source for current reports on construction delays with locations pinpointed on an easy to read map.