Here's a website with current exchange rates for Canadian and U.S. dollars.

Lately the American dollar has about a 30% advantage over the "Loonie".  
 - No joke, the Canadian one dollar coin is known as a loonie due to its impression of a loon (the bird) on the tail's side. Since 1996 the mint started producing a two dollar
coin as well. It quickly became known as a "Toonie".....


There are two sales-like taxes that you'll be paying at Whistler.
They are the Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and British Columbia’s Provincial Sales Tax (PST).
These are 7% and 7.5% respectively.

GST Refunds

There is the possibility for getting a refund on your 7% GST if:
You are not a resident of Canada.
You have original receipts.
Your purchase amounts (before taxes) of eligible accommodation and goods total at least 200 CAD.
Each individual receipt for your goods shows a minimum purchase amount (before taxes) of 50 CAD.
Two or more people can combine their receipts to generate a total of more than 200 CAD.
Just don’t tell them we told you this.

Eligible Accommodations

You can get a refund on the GST you paid for accommodations if:
You paid tax on accommodations provided continuously for less than one month.
Each receipt shows the number of nights of accommodation.
You can only apply for tax you paid on the room charge (room service, telephone charges, etc. do not apply).

Eligible Goods

Goods qualify for a refund if:
You bought the goods to use outside Canada.
You remove the goods from Canada within 60 days of delivery to you.

Everything else isn’t eligible for a refund. Everything else means things like food, restaurant purchases, bike rentals, etc.

Where do you get a GST refund?

1) In Whistler Village at the Visitor Refund Service, on the lower level of Spirit of the North.
2) If leaving by car at the Canadian Duty Free Shop, located a few hundred yards north of the Canada /U.S. border.

You can't get your refund at the airport.